The Team of Destiny?

I think that it's our time. Jim Morrison sang about breaking thru to the other side. As goofy as he was that could have meant anything but I'm hoping we break on thru to the championship. A lot as been made about no titles in any sport. Time to end that conversation and the ghosts of 2013 will finally go away and leave me and John Cohen alone.

The party lasted well into the night. There were even Tennessee fans still in town so we invited them in. They hate Vandy so they said they were staying for the finals. Have to love folks who are SEC, cause you know it just means more

Bubba Earl, Flash and a NC State fan was seen last night on Main Street. They had apparently stole a police horse and were singing Toby Keith cowboy songs. The NC State fan was heard singing "NCAA done somebody wrong songs. He said he was real sad and kinda bored. As my faithful readers know, I am a good friend who cares about the quality of my friends lives and even people I just met. So I did what any good friend would do when someone is bored. I called the cops and reported seeing the stolen horse and the no good horse thieves who stole it. Let me tell you, my new friend was not bored any of the rest of the night. Bubba Earl said the joke was on me cause I had to come and bail them out. Stealing horses cost a lot more these days. Must be inflation but I still thought it worth the money.

The game was some kind of awesome. Great pitching, great hitting, just everything was spot on. The Tejas fans were pretty good sports about everything. if some one says they didn't have fun at that game then they don't know what fun is. Besides, Flash was higher than a Georgia pine by the 6th inning, and was singing ZZ Top songs in between innings to all the pretty seniorities around us. Some actually liked his singing, of course they were probably deaf from the screaming going on all week.

The good guys won and now we have a 3 game set with the Evil Empire known as Too Damn Many Scholarships Private University. They have an evil power known as The Whistler. I plan to buy him a big jar of peanut butter and force feed him between innings. I think this is a good plan, cause Bubba earl and Flash want to do turrible things and I didn't bring that much bail money.

Look for us on the TV. We'll be the ones wearing maroon.


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