That didn't go to plan, but the fat lady ain't singing yet.

Ok, we got our collective butts handed to us last evening. The team by Vandy, and us drunk rednecks by the fine officers of the Omaha PD. We were not ready for the night stick patrol. Really just depressed from watching the first inning meltdown of a fine pitcher. Without Mr. Christian we would not be here and them facts. The last month or so I think Dr Evil may have stolen his mojo. So, I'm asking all the single ladies back home to help him find his mojo again. We will need him next season.

It ain't over yet. If the word ain't bothers all you grammar nazis out there, then it am not over yet. Cause it am not. We have one more game tonight. I believe we will win and set up an epic showdown with the defending champs. This is baseball and you won't win every game. fact.

As far as getting arrested I would like to thank the Devil in Mr Slive for wiring the money up to Nebraska. I'll sell a kidney to science to pay him back. The night in jail was good enough to sober us up. Bubba Earl promised we would be good boys from here on out. Was he telling the truth? Hell no, not even close. Buy stock in Budweiser cause they're sells are gonna be high today and tomorrow.

Until tomorrow #HAILSTATE

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