From the Front Lines part 4

I'm tired, as in worn completely out. What a weekend! The Tupelo Flash said it was the best weekend ever until next weekend of course. Bubba Earl told Flash to hurry up and marry the girl whose daddy owns the liquor store/Wafflehouse. Can you imagine not paying to eat or drink? Since Flash sobered up he says he doesn't remember meeting her. He thought it was a dream cause she was too perfect.

The game Monday afternoon was truly great. Now it had some slow moments, but overall I have to give the day an Aplus plus. The good guys won but the Humping Camels showed up. Talk about living the dream. If they would've been playing anybody else I would've been pulling for them. Let me say this. They're left and center fielders are class acts. As much as we messed with them they gave it right back with smiles. It was an honor to feed'em after the game.

The redhead was back in center field but unfortunately she kept her shirt on the entire game. Bubba Earl kept offering her his mountain chalet to share her assets. Flash said Chalet? I said it's a shack on the top of Duck Hill but the view is outstanding. You can see the hog rendering plant to the northeast. It was a gift from Bubba's great grandfather, Buford Bubba Earl. He was a cook, numbers runner and janitor in WW2. He turned that skill into 10's of dollars after the war.

We are now on to bigger and better things. Notre Dame comes calling on Friday I believe. Catholics and Cowbells has a nice ring to it. Better than Catholics and convicts back when the Dame and the U rassled on the football field. Then again, that was the days of hookers, strip clubs, and mountains of Peruvian marching powder. The 80's were the good old days for some folks for sure. As Spicola said, Gnarly dude.

Until next time peace

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