A Fishing Trip

Let me start the day proper and tell you that #HailState is the College Baseball National Champs. if you feel I'm talking about this too much now, you will hate me a lot in the future. I will speak about this for as many years as I waited to see my team win it all. Be prepared cause I'm an old.

The boys and I finally made it back home after a great summer vacation to OMAHA. We have to remember to take more spending money (ie. bail money) next year. Costs have gone up dramatically in just a year. I was told that we cheated at the College World Series. I said well of course, it's the SEC if you ain't cheating you ain't trying cause it just means more. I said to him, young man please explain what we did. He said youse guys sent hookers who had covid to the NC State hotel. I answered with the fact we played Vandy, he said yea but NC State was fated to win. I told him I liked that theory and would repeat it every chance I got

Bubba Earl says his wife's not speaking to him because we had too much fun in Nebraska and Iowa (that's a story for a future time when the statue of limitations has expired). Since she ain't talking to him he said it was time for a fishing trip. I called Flash and said come on cause road trip. Flash called Devil Slive but the Devil said he was training and exercising. Just crazy talk, give up a road trip to exercise? I've come to expect weirdness from those BearSharks. Anyway, we went by the Exxon on Coley Road and bought 50 cases of Bud Light and a box of breath mints in case we got pulled over, and then set out for the White River in the Natural State. Those Razorpig fans are still hurting. Did all that cheating to win the SEC and still crapped the bed and not go to the world series. They said they knew what Ole Miss felt like every year. I told him what OMAHA meant and we all had a nice laugh about it. We fished for a few days, caught enough to fill the freezer for the yearly Labor fish fry, had a toddy or two and made it home in one piece.

Since we are officially in the day sports time of the summer, I'll be sharing stories of the past adventures of being an undergrad at MSU who by the way is THE NATIONAL CHAMPS

Don't say you weren't warned.

Until next time keep it between the lines

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