National Champs/CWS Champs/Conquerors of the Evil Empire

WOW, what a week and a half. The team committed no errors the entire time. Pitching except for 1 inning was spot on. If anyone finds something to complain about tell them to see me cause I'll explain how close to perfection this all was. An absolute beatdown of Kumar Vader and the Evil Empire Dores. Also, when you win too much then your right fielder will do the half assed thing he did. Someone needs to tell him to live up to his name.

Bubba Earl, Flash and myself would like to thank the team for bringing it home. We've witnessed some truly great teams in Omaha and never saw this. Thunder and Lightening were something to see in real time. Thigpen and Brantley were generational talents on the same team! The Mayor and all the great ones who got us to Omaha never did this. Just thanks.

And a really big thank you to the fans who truly made these days special. We travel well and for the most part behaved at the games. After the games of course, some of us helped to stimulate the local alcohol industry. It's was a win win for the greater Omaha chamber of Commerce. To the local PD, thanks for being mostly understanding.



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