Haterz gonna hate and other tales from the road

Your weekly reminder, MSU IS THE NATIONAL CHAMPS. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Flash and I decided to take a road trip to all the SEC campuses. The first year we did this was 80 something, kinda of hazy now. I could say in a galaxy far far away but all you Star Wars monkeys will get stupid and call the trademark police. We started in T-Town and ended in Oxford. This was a good thing because Oxford PD wrapped us up as soon as we hit campus. Somebody dropped the dime on Flash. He'd been barred from the whole county since the mid 70's. That really is a story for another day.

So we thought we'd do it again, a victory tour if you will. The Tide folks were really cool, taking pictures with us in our national champion gear. There was one cop who kept giving us the stink eye like he knew we had been told to stay out of town after saying bad things about Coach you know who. But alas, everything went fine. They gave us shirts and other stuff to remember them by, but as soon as we made the county line, Flash said he had enough toilet paper and threw all that crimson crap out the window. After a few stops for beer and pizza, cause you know we're health freaks when it comes to food, we made the most beautiful city on the plains. Have to share some honesty here, have you ever been to Auburn? Yea, that must advertising material cause beautiful it ain't. Pretty maybe. The girls on campus more than made up for the false advertising. My goodness gracious, I can not wait for the next sports season when we can come back for a game. Mickey Gilley once said girls all get prettier at closing time, well boys let me tell you it's closing time all over that campus. We told some of them we started in T-Town, and some wouldn't even talk to us after that. Flash said hells bells, if we would've started in the other direction we'd probably still be in jail. We went by the baseball stadium and saw the coach. We gave him a championship t shirt that was grossly overpriced but what you gonna do. I also reminded him he could come back to 'Patch and be a volunteer coach and watch a championship team play. He said he'd think about it. And so ended our first day on the road.

Until next time.........keep it between the lines

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