July 9 Maroon Friday and Joshua the Breadman

It's July 9 and MSU is still the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Just a reminder in case anyone forgot. I can not lie, it still feels real good and kind of surreal. I didn't think I'd see it in my lifetime, but here we are. Happy Maroon National Champions Friday.

Bubba Earl, Flash, Two Fingers and I went to the local dive bar for refreshments. Flash tried to talk all of us into going to Lucky 7 tattoos and get the team picture tattoo with the National Champions sign. Ain't happening. If it ain't naked women, the USMC logo or the Airborne tab it isn't going on. We are a motley collection of tattoos from around the world, so why would we want to get real artwork like that. The girl at the next table said she had Col Reb on the back of her front. Two fingers said he wanted to see , and that's the last we saw of him.

We were discussing the important topics of the day like how to put a '76 Monte Carlo transmission into a '82 Camaro. It can be done cause I've done it. The beauty of this work is the fact that when I put it in gear the car would be going 25 miles an hour BEFORE you touched the gas pedal. This is the setup I used to get the reckless driving ticket from the Mississippi Highway patrol, which btw has no sense of humor about these things. I almost pulled those racing stripes of the side of his car. He told the judge that I was traveling at 100mph. I said that's a damn lie, I was doing a hundred and a quarter if I was doing anything. I still have that ticket hanging on the wall of my garage, right next to my Hank Williams Jr autographed women of the South poster.

The other day we met a character. Joshua the Breadman. He is certifiable. I thought he was an entertaining drunk but he said he'd never had a drink in his life. Flash says if that's the case he needed to hang out with us since even tho he is obviously crazy we always needed a designated driver. We forgave him for being a RebelBearShark. He don't know no better, so maybe hanging out with us will make him a better person and help him to see the light. And yes I mean that light, the one hanging over the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS MSU SIGN.

Until next time keep it between the lines

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