The Road Tour Complete

My motley crew of friends and I completed the road trip to all the campuses before they let those heathens in at Norman and Austin. We'll go to those places when they become our brothers in crime. SEC motto should be If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. SEC it just means more. I'll file stories over the course of the seasons that will forever damage you as we are damaged, as I was told repeatedly.

Speaking of damaged souls, The Tupelo Flash decided to join the Twitter community again. I asked him did he not remember how ignorant it made him last time? Bubba Earl asked how could I tell, and that's when the fight started. These boys hadn't thrown down since the CWS in Omaha. It was a good one. A lady who was standing close to us asked me are you gonna break it up? I said mam, it's been my experience not to get involved in religious discussions. She said something about me being damaged and not right. I said to her I might not always be right but I ain't never wrong. Besides if these two haven't killed each other by now they never would.

The cardiologist said I needed to drink wine, that it's good for my heart. I said I drink Wild Turkey now. She said that was good for my liver, but my heart was decent considering, just drink wine and shut up about it. I told Bubba Earl I paid the doctor a bunch of money to holler at me. He said at least she was pretty, so there's that.

Foot ball season is 8 days away. #WeBelieve, #WeBelieve and I believe football is great until it's not.


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