Week 2 Predictions: Let's go?

Well, last week was scary. Let's hope this week isn't. I went 11-1 last week picking winners (I list the spread but don't actually pick against it because I'm not really betting here soooo)

Bama (-56.5) vs Mighty Morphin' Mercer

Mercer won their first game of the year 69-0. Nice. The result of this one will almost be the opposite.

Bama 49 Mercer 3

Auburn vs Alabama State

There are currently no odds listed for this one that I could find but really you don't need them. Auburn rolled in week one and they'll roll here too.

Auburn 45 Alabama State 6

LSU vs McNeese State

Again, there are no odds for this game. Again, you don't need them. Take the over and find a better game to watch. Interesting note: The QB for McNeese State is none other than Ed Orgeron's son. That's the most interesting thing about this game, honestly.

LSU 42 McNeese State 10

Ole Piss Weevils (-33.5) vs Austin Peay

Ole Piss looked solid against a bad Cardinals team. Am I sold on the off season hype yet? No, no I am not. I think they'll end up a mid-tier SEC team, but that's plenty enough to sprint past a team like Austin Peay.

Ole Miss 52 Austin Peay 17

Arkansas Woo Pig Sooies vs Texas Longhypes (-7)

Texas is favored by a touchdown going into this game and I can see why. Arkansas struggled with Rice into the 4th quarter before pulling away. Meanwhile the Longhorns beat the Ragin Cajuns 38-18 in a game that was never really in doubt. Sure the final scores are similar, but the Cajuns are a much better team than Rice. Texas gets a close win over the worst team in the West and everyone pretends to be impressed.

Texas 28 Arky 21

Texas A&M (-17) vs Colorado

I honestly wasn't super impressed with the Aggies in game one. They didn't look bad, but they didn't meet the hype. Was it first game jitters or are they not the stars that football media has been desperately trying to convince you they are? I think the Aggies get the win, but I don't think they cover.

A&M 31 Colorado 20

South Carolina (-2) vs East Carolina

I think the Cocks are getting a little disrespected here. They looked pretty solid in Shane Beamer's debut. ECU meanwhile got clocked by the always scrappy Appalachian State 33-19. South Carolina wins in comfy enough fashion here.

South Carolina 35 East Carolina 17

Pitt (-3.5) vs Tennessee

Tennessee honestly didn't impress me much in their 38-6 win over Bowling Green. Bowling Green was one of the absolute worst teams in the country last season and they aren't any better now. Sure they won by 32, but it was BOWLING GREEN, ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS IN THE COUNTRY. Meanwhile, Pitt cruised to a 51-7 win over UMass. I think Pitt gets the win by double digits here.

Pitt 31 Tennessee 21

Colorado State (-7) vs Vanderbilt

The Rams are only a touchdown favorite over the Commodores, which has to sting a little. But then again, both Vandy AND the Rams lost to FCS opponents at home last week. You could rename this game The Misery Bowl and no one would blame you. Also, no one would watch it.

Colorado State 24, Vandy 21. No one enjoys it.

Kentucky (-5.5) vs Mizzou

Kentucky cruised to an easy win in week one behind the strong arm of their shiny new QB. MIzzou beat CMU, which is infamously a scrappy lil team with a penchant for springing upsets. I think Kentucky looked like the better team and I think they get a strong win here.

Kentucky 35 Missouri 21.

Florida (-28.5) vs USF

Florida looked decent enough in week one in their 35-14 win over FAU. All of the Owl's points came in the 4th quarter in garbage time. I don't see much reason to expect a real game here.

Florida 42 South Florida 7

Georgia (-24.5) vs UAB

Georgia knocked off Clemson in a great defensive game last week while UAB knocked off FCS powerhouse Jacksonville State 31-0. Both teams looked great on defense, but only one managed any offense. Do I think this will be a cause for concern for those other Bulldogs? Ehh, not really. I do think Georgia suffers a slight let down and doesn't completely destroy the Blazers, especially right after playing such a huge game, but this one shouldn't ever really be in doubt.

UGA 28 UAB 7.

Now for the one us sane folks actually care about...

Mississippi State Cardiac Dogs vs NC State (-1)

We all know how the State game went. Anyone in the game day thread knows I was losing my fool mind as the Dogs found themselves down by 20 at home against a surprisingly scrappy LA Tech. Those of us who kept the game on despite the overwhelming misery (I don't blame you if you didn't) got to witness the biggest comeback in school history as Rogers completed 10 straight passing attempts and the Dogs scored 21 straight points while all of the sudden smothering the LA Tech offense, holding them to 3 points. It looked like a switch flipped and the team suddenly remembered that they were at a football game.

Meanwhile, NC State mollywhopped USF 45-0 and made it look pretty easy. It looks like it's time for Bulldogs fans to panic, until you remember USF was 1-8 last season with their one win coming over The Citadel. Almost all of those losses were blowouts as well. What I'm saying is, most teams with a pulse could probably beat USF 45-0.

I think State gets it done at home in a nail biter that almost kills all the Bulldog fans for the second week in a row.

State 31, NC State 28.

Hail Damn State

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