First Roadtrip of the season-Memphis

The gang and I witnessed the first two game at Scott Field. I must say the buzz from the tailgate before the LA Tech game wore off quickly what with the display of crappy football. Bubba Earl invited about half of the Tech fans who showed up to eat, drink and be merry before the game and they did. We now have a standing invitation to any Tech game free of charge. As I said the football was less than ideal but when it counted Sir William and his Scottish Bulldogs came through and sent the maroon and White faithful home happy.

The 2nd game was so much better. As we sat at Mugshots, Bubba Earl asked the waitress how come the windows were so damn big. She said to people watch. She then pointed out a gorgeous redhead walking by in the shortest shorts I've seen in quite some time. Bubba Earl told everyone at the table that this was his new favorite place and that waitress was going be his new best friend. We watched many beautiful young women walk by for a couple of hours. We all agreed that even though there were many beautiful girls when we were on campus back in the day, it just seems they grow them better now. As we walked to the stadium and the part tent, we were behind a NC State lady person who was old enough to know better but still young enough not to care. She had on white see thru short shorts. This lead to a conversation as to if she had drawers on. We were joined in the conversation by some young fellows who were NC State fans. I finally settled it by telling the nice lady her whole group was invited to eat and drink with us. They did. She settled the debate by announcing she did not. This made Bubba Earl mad cause we had a side bet of a case Bud Light and a bottle of Crown. The game itself was awesome except for that 5 yards of offense in the first quarter. Afterwards tho, it got a whole lot better. The defense is pretty good but they ain't perfect yet.

This week's road trip to Memphis. The Liberty Bowl are a bunch of chicken shits for not allowing cowbells. I promise I'll only use it as a weapon not make noise. I guess it's ok to have a gun from the videos I've watched this week. Bubba Earl's daughter lives in M-Town so we will tailgate with her. She was a cheerleader at the school formerly known as Memphis STATE. I have to admit you don't have to wait till closing time to find pretty girls. Memphis is loaded in that department. As far as the game , the good guys should win easy but we all know how that goes. I'll say MSU 41 the No cowbell allowed chicken shits 14

Any comments are welcomed below . #HAILSTATE

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