Week 4 Predictions: Corndog scented dumpster fire edition

Last week wasn't fun, huh? Let's never do it again. I went 9-1 pickin' winners last week, bringing my total to 31-4.

Texas A&M (-5.5) vs Arkansas

Folks, it's looking like I was wrong about Arkansas. The Hogs are surprisingly solid and are a dark horse candidate to have a very strong year. Meanwhile, the Aggies have not lived up to the pre-season hype. No surprise there, right? Pretty much the usual for the maroon and white imposters. I'm going with the Hogs for a big upset here.

Arkansas 28, Aggies 21.

Tennessee vs Florida (-20.5)

Florida came to play against Alabama and looked damn good in the process. Meanwhile, Tennessee has really only looked good against Tennessee Tech, who they thumped 56-0. I think Florida gets a strong win here without much drama.

Florida 35, Tennessee 14.

Southern Miss vs Alabama (-45.5)

This will be ugly. Mustard Buzzards will get run out of the building.

Bama 45, USM 3.

Georgia (-34.5) vs Vanderbilt

Georgia good, Vandy bad.

Georgia 48, Vandy 6.

Kentucky (-4.5) vs South Carolina

This might actually be a pretty good game. Kentucky looked solid until they ran into the Mighty Fightin' whatever Chattanooga's mascot is and barely escaped with a 5 point win. Meanwhile, the Cocks just got thumped by Georgia. I think Kentucky is the better team overall, but really this one looks like a toss up to me. I'll go with the Cats in a very close one.

Kentucky 28, South Carolina 27.

Mizzou (-1.5) vs Boston College

I was somewhat tempted to pick a BC upset here but they've lost their starting QB and their schedule has been nothing but the softest of cupcakes, so I think Mizzou wins by a couple scores.

Mizzou 31, BC 17.

Georgia State vs Auburn (-26.5)

No reason to expect anything interesting here. Auburn gets an easy win against another nobody.

Auburn 42, Georgia State 14.

Aaaaand for the only one that matters...

LSU (-2.5) vs Mississippi State

I'm seeing that LSU's best defensive player Stingley may not be playing Saturday. That's good news for State, especially since LSU's defense isn't good already. I think if the Bulldogs stay out of their own way and play a clean game, they'll knock off the Tigers for the second year in a row and probably kick Coach O right out of driver seat for LSU. LSU has lost their only game against a power 5 opponent and has only beaten the McNeese Cowboys convincingly.

LSU's defense is honestly pretty bad at defending the pass so State's problem with and outright refusal to run the ball might not be as big as of issue here. Essentially ruining the Corndog's hopes for anything above 8-4 would certainly take some of the sting out of last week's loss. I'm picking the Dogs here.

State 35, LSU 31.

3-1* (I'm not listing that loss without an asterisk by it) won't be so bad. It almost guarantees a bowl game with Vandy and Tennessee State still on the schedule.

Let's make a bowl game, then fire Leach anyway lmao.

Hail Damn State!

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