Week 1 Predictions: LET'S GOOOOOOO

I've done predictions for the SEC teams for the past several years and enjoyed it quite a bit, so let's get it going here as well. I didn't see another thread for it so I thought I'd throw one up myself. Here are my picks, let me know yours!

Kentucky (-31) vs ULM

Kentucky should have a strong defense and a bad offense, yet again. I expect a boring game here that UK fans will enjoy but everyone else will forget is even happening.

UK 35, ULM 10.

Arkansas (-19.5) vs Rice

I'm expecting a rough year for Arky. I don't think they'll keep the momentum from last season going and they're currently my pick to come in last in the West. But Rice is Rice soooo

Arkansas 31, Rice 13.

Alabama (-19.5) vs Miami

I think there’s a chance Miami does okay but Bama wins by multiple possessions regardless.

Bama 35, Miami 21.

Mizzou (-14) vs Central Michigan

CMU has sprung some upsets in the past and I do think that Mizzou will be toward the bottom of the East, but I think the eastern Tigers get the W here in somewhat easy fashion.

Mizzou 28, CMU 14.

Florida (-23.5) vs FAU

Not much to say here, Florida should be pretty good and FAU was pretty bad last season.

Mighty Fightin Mullens 42, FAU 3.

Aggies (-29.5) vs Kent State.

Aggie defense will beat up on the Golden Flashes or whatever Kent State's mascot is, Aggie offense will also be there but probably won't have to do much.

Aggies 38, Kent State 6.

Auburn (-37) vs Akron Zips

Like the other OOC games here, this will be a boring blowout. No reason to expect anything else.

Auburn 45, Zips 10.

Ole Piss Rebearsharks (-9.5) vs Louisville Cardinals

I think this game could actually be pretty fun. Both teams are capable of scoring a lot of points here thanks to the reb offense being good and the reb defense being made of tissue paper. Dare I pick an upset on week one?

Cards 38, rebs 35. Do I think this will happen? Probably not. Would it be funny after all the reb hype during the offseason? Absolutely.

Now for the games people actually care about!

Clemson (-3) vs Georgia.

I think Clemson is the better team on paper and I think they also looked better than Georgia did last season. Give me the Tigers in purple and orange for the win, but a close one.

Clemson 38, other Bulldawgs 35.

LSU (-2.5) vs UCLA.

Another fun one here. I think the difference will be that UCLA has had a tune up game already. I'm honestly not much of a believer in Coach O either.

ULCA 31, LSU 21.

And now for the only one that actually matters, right fellas?

State (-23) vs LA Tech

LA Tech is getting back their best defender after he sat out last year, but also, he sat out a year, and the rest of the defense was pretty lousy. The team as a whole was pretty lackluster last year and finished at 5-5. They got blown out by anyone with a pulse. If State shows up and plays clean, this should get ugly quick.

State 45, LA Tech 14.

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