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Watch Mississippi State safety Jay Hughes shred some Kanye West

We've heard for years now that Hughes is a pretty good guitar player, and this two year old YouTube video found by Sixpacker Dawgpile seems to back that up.

For years now we've heard that Mississippi State safety Jay Hughes can play guitar; it's even featured in his Twitter handle, @j30playsguitar. And that fact was amplified even more on a national stage this week with Hughes being on e of three Bulldogs selected to represent MSU at the 2014 SEC Media Days.

Even with Jay being a senior now with more than a few years of time spent on campus and in Starkville, I couldn't recall ever hearing him play. There was one night that I think he played at Old Venice when I was in the Burgundy Room, but it was extremely loud in there (post Auburn win 2012, I think?) and I found out only after the fact that Jay was playing in the band in the other room. However, this video, found by Sixpacker Dawgpile, is a good example of Hughes' ability. In the video Jay, along with a very talented saxophone player and drummer who make up the band "Melogic", shred a six minute instrumental of Kanye West's "Power". I may not have taken notice when Hughes played at an establishment I was in before, but I will make sure I do now.

[via Sixpackspeak]