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Brett Pirtle makes spectacular play in 3-0 MSU win over Southern Illinois

Did you know Brett Pirtle was good? If not, you certainly will after watching this video.

In his time as a Bulldog, we've gotten to know Brett Pirtle more for his bat than his glove. Don't get me wrong - Brett has always been solid in the field, but his ability to get on base has always been one of the main reasons, at least for me, why Brett is one of the best 2B we've had in some time.

It looks like Brett set out to change that perception last night, and he certainly did for many, as the talented Bulldog 2B went to the hole to make an amazing play against the Southern Illinois Salukis last night. The Bulldogs would go on to win the game 3-0, pushing their season record to 13-7.

Heck of a play, Brett. A hat tip to you sir.

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