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Betting Odds: Over or Under Seven Wins for the Mississippi State Bulldogs

For those who want an early jump on gambling, many betting outlets have started to release lines on total wins for the season. The Mississippi State Bulldogs, tabbed for seven wins, may make for an interesting bet.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As the college football season nears, more and more betting odds will creep out for the pleasure of those looking for a big payday or those who just like to talk about what the lines in Vegas say.

CG Technology recently posted its odds on total wins for the teams in the SEC, and one team that might draw a lot of action is the Mississippi State Bulldogs, who were set with an over/under on seven wins for the 2014 season.  Right now the money line favors the Bulldogs going over seven wins with someone having to pay out $130 in order to win $100.

While that might seem like a lot of money to wager, the idea of more than seven wins should not be hard for Mississippi State fans to see.  The Bulldogs face a soft non-conference schedule with Southern Mississippi, UAB, South Alabama, and UT-Martin on tap.  Inside the SEC, the Bulldogs have what should be easy victories over Kentucky and Vanderbilt to hit six wins.  A seventh win should come against either Texas A&M or Vanderbilt, and games against Ole Miss and Auburn should be winnable as well.

This should be an interesting line to watch for a few reasons in that it will show how much attention bettors pay Mississippi State, and should they pay a decent amount of attention, fans should find out how much confidence bettors have in the Bulldogs by watching the movement on the line.

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