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Mississippi State is finally pursuing Guinness world record meant for us

At long last, Mississippi State will attempt to set the Guinness world record for most cowbells rung at the same time at this year's Cowbell Yell.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

MSU's Student Association made its announcement for the 2015 Bulldog Bash lineup today by utilizing the smooth tones of Coach Dan Mullen's vocals to narrate their announcement video, released on Twitter and YouTube around lunchtime.  The video, besides announcing the lineup for this year's Bash - X Ambassadors, Misterwives, and Local Natives (also this fall's Thursday lineup on CBS) - also made note that MSU plans to FINALLY pursue a Guinness world record that should've been held by the school for decades now: COWBELL RINGING.

After years and years of ringing the dang things anyways, our beloved school (good job, Student Association) is finally making an official (and likely successful) attempt at setting the record at the annual Cowbell Yell event which this year takes place on the Thursday night before the LSU home game, September 10th (NOTE: This post previously stated that the date for Cowbell Yell was September 11th.  That was not correct.  Make sure you note the corrected date, Sept. 10th, so you can attend and help break the record).

According to Maroon and White Nation, the record was set last year by a Boston Red Sox Minor League affiliate, and it looks as though another group in Michigan will try their hand this year, as well.  If MSU has nearly the crowd it gathered for last year's 'Yell' event - which it sounds like they are expecting over 10,000 again this year - then the record should be all but set.

Even though my fellow State fans and I know we've already been a part of the "real" largest cowbell ringing in unison (during the Auburn game but definitely NOT when the center was over the ball, SEC), it'll be nice to know that the school officially holds the world record for something that has been a part of our tradition for decades.

Somewhere, Will Ferrell's SNL character smiles proudly (in a midriff shirt that doesn't fit).