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Garry Smits is still ranking MSU low; should his voting record* have tipped us off?

We take a closer look at Garry's voting record to determine if he's had issues with ranking others lower than expected in years previous.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Mississippi State being on a bye this week, the Bulldogs were able to retain their top spot in the rankings.  Not everyone felt the Bulldogs deserved the top spot though, as Florida AP voter Garry Smits ranked the Bulldogs fourth overall.  Smits, who ranked MSU sixth last week after their win over #2 Auburn, ranked the Bulldogs behind Michigan State, who already has a loss this season, Florida State, and Ole Miss.

We took issue with Garry's voting last week, but should we even be surprised by his lackluster voting skills?  If we took a look back at his voting record* then the answer is likely no.  Let's see how ole Garry has voted on a few other things over the years.

Jackson Family Rankings

1. Tito
2. Jermaine
3. Marlon
4. Janet
5. Michael

People are high on Michael right now, but I just don't see it.  No way he would compete with Tito in a four-team Jackson family playoff.  I never dance when I hear "ABC".

1980s Movie Rankings

120. E.T.

I just don't get it.  An "alien" who doesn't belong here lands on Earth and I'm supposed to fall in love with him?  I don't think so bub.  No way this movie makes a nickel.

Pants Rankings

1. Corduroy
2. Cutt of Blue Jeans
3. Cargo Pants
4. Acid Wash Jeans
5. Sansabelt Slacks
6. Gap Jeans

Corduroy is the wave of the future, people; get on board.  No, they aren't quiet like some people think pants should be; they let others know you're in the room.  A classic look that's here to stay.  On the other hand, I'd sell on Gap Jeans.  With the losses coming to that company, Might want to chance the name to "Crevasse" and start selling land out near the Grand Canyon.  Harrumph.

Search Engine Rankings (Around 2000)

1. Ask Jeeves
2. Netscape
3. Internet Explorer
15. Google

Hey may be a butler, but he's locked in as our king of searching when we go online.  I don't see this changing anytime soon, and I wouldn't put any stock in up and comer Gargle (Editor's Note: Company is actually called Google.  Huh, like that will work out).

Tweet Rankings

1. Chip Brown, August 9, 2011

targeting .GIF

In a world full of wannabes, Chip tells it like it is: hard and fast.  And nothing hits harder like the truth, people.  I'd take this tweet to the bank.

Voting Record*this is (probably) not a real list of votes by Garry