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Mississippi State's 2014 football season as scenes from 'Home Alone'

Because it's Christmas and because I watched Home Alone last night, here's a comparison of each game from this year's Mississippi State football season to scenes from the classic Christmas movie.


Southern Miss

When Kevin first realizes he's home alone and there's no one to stop him from doing what he wants so he just runs around all over the house as he pleases.


When Kevin steals a toothbrush.  It's not his proudest moment, but he does escape unscathed.

South Alabama

Kevin goes to the grocery store by himself.  It's not the most flashy scene, but he handles himself well on the road and gets back home without incident.


The pellet gun shot to the crotch of Harry.  The thiefs think they're in for an easy victory on "their turf" only to get a rude awakening rather quickly.

Texas A&M

When Kevin uses "Angels with Filthy Souls", a pot and some fire crackers to scare away Marv.  Some loud noise was all it took to end that confrontation.


I racked my brain on this one, but in the end it was hard to get away from comparing when Marv slips down the icy stairs to this moment from the game:


When Kevin tries to get up the stairs but Marv and Harry catch him by the ankle.  The bad guys (Kentucky) are so close!  Fortunately, though, there's a spider (or a Turtle, in MSU's case) there to save us.


The final furnace scene. Look at me, I'm the furnace (UT-Martin)! I'm so scary! And then Kevin takes a breath and says "shut up" and walks away like it was never a threat.


Marv and Harry have Kevin.  He's hanging on the hook in the neighbor's house and they're telling him how he's about to suffer.  But wait!  There's the kind old neighbor (Will Redmond in our game) to save the day and pull out a victory for the good guys.


All we wanted was some cheese pizza (a victory).  But no, the family (Alabama) wouldn't let us have any.  And when we tried to take it, mass chaos ensued, resulting in us getting sent to our room far away from what we wanted.  Kevin (we) was quite upset.


The scene in the church talking to old (formerly) scary neighbor.  With little to be concerned with, we take time to reflect and to mentally prepare for what's upcoming.

Ole Miss

When Marv thinks he's got an easy way into the house only to step on Christmas ornaments with his bare feet, breaking them and causing pain.  "Hey, this should be easy OH MY GOSH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE" basically explains both that scene and that game for State.

BONUS: If State would have beaten Ole Miss, the Playoff selection show would have been the scene where Kevin leaves the mac and cheese untouched.  He's so close to satisfaction, yet doesn't get it... :(