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Why I think Dillon Day should be suspended

I have reviewed the footage, and I believe that Dillon Day should be suspended for his actions.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

[Update]: since I wrote this, Day has actually been suspended for his actions in the LSU game last weekend.  The timing of this post obviously stunk, but I'll leave it up anyways for the two of you who thought it was funny

I have toiled over this.  I've tossed and turned; I've stayed up all night thinking about it.  Safety is a priority for me like it is for so many others, which is why I was horrified when I watched the Dillon Day footage.  Before I explain my reasoning for calling for Dillon's suspension, let's review the footage (WARNING: this may be difficult to watch):

Just horrifying stuff.

As a law-abiding citizen, I am outraged at Dillon's actions.  There have been many times that I've felt like dancing at the intersection, but I don't because it's against the law and it's in the Bible too I think.  Therefore I am calling for Dillon's immediate suspension and for him to attend a moped rider's sensitivity class.  And maybe like a breakdance class as well.

I will continue my outcries for justice until this matter has been addressed.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

[NOTE: this is obviously an attempt at humor, if but a poor one.  This is not, however, an open invitation for people to bring pro or anti-Dillon diatribes to the comments section.  Please, please, please refrain from doing so, so that this doesn't turn into a dumpster-fire Clarion-Ledger comments section.  Thanks]