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Science discovers the Dakotaraptor, proving that Dak Prescott comes from a lethal bloodline

Scientists recently discovered the Dakotaraptor, proving Dak Prescott comes from a lethal lineage.

Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in Mississippi State history, and arguably one of the best players in recent SEC history, as well.  In last Thursday night's win over Missouri, he became the sixth person in SEC history to account for over 100 touchdowns and the 10th all-time in the conference to accumulate over 10,000 all purpose yards.  In short: he's really, really good, and MSU will miss him next year when he's gone.

With as great a college quarterback as Dak has been, would you be surprised if I told you a recent scientific discovery may show that he comes from a long line of "mobile QBs"?  What if I told you that discovery proves that he comes from a long, ancient line of lethal, strong running warriors?

Last week, the University of Kansas Paleological Institute published a study outlining the discovery of a fossil for the Dakotaraptor, one of the biggest and scariest looking predators terrorizing the Dakotas a few (million) years ago.

The Dakotaraptor is said to have been 17 feet long, winged, and a fearless predator.  From the Washington Post:

Flightlessness aside, the Dakotaraptor would have been a fearsome predator. Its long legs made it a better and faster runner than the other big meat-eater at the time, Tyrannosaurus, and it may have hunted in packs. The dinosaur also boasted claws the size of a human hand.

Sound familiar to anyone?  Cannot fly (although I can't prove Dak can't fly, it seems improbable), faster runner than other big meat-eaters of its time (Big Ten Quarterbacks), hunts in packs (teams, or more specifically a football team).  Clearly Dakota Prescott is short for Dakotaraptor Prescott.

So what can we take from this discovery?  Mostly that it was always in Dak's blood to be good at what he does: using his mobility to get what he wants.  Look out, SEC defenses.  Dakotaraptor's comin'

(yes I realize that's not a raptor)