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An MSU Student Cooked Bacon on a George Foreman Grill in the Middle of Class

Yeah, I know this isn't sports related, but it's awesome.

Britt Reynolds

Some people are just true visionaries. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Oprah, the person who created jelly-filled donuts, and this guy:

That's right, this intrepid MSU student is cooking bacon to make a sandwich on a George Foreman grill not only in the middle of class but IN THE FRONT ROW. If you are devoted enough to the craft of sandwich making that you would lug a George Foreman grill to class, sit in the front row, and then proceed to cook bacon on that grill for the sole purpose of putting it on a sandwich, you deserve an award for how little you care about the opinions of others and how much you care about sandwich making. And the professor couldn't care less, probably because he respects the kid for having the guts to bring a grill to class and make bacon right in the middle of a lecture.

And this was no selfish act either, besides being a trailblazer for all sandwich lovers,  he gave the gift of a bacon aroma to the rest of the class:

What a hero. And of course, he goes to Mississippi State, no Ole Miss student is capable of such a groundbreaking moment.

Hail State.