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58 ways to pass time until the 2015 college football season

Less than 100 days now remain between us and another year of college football. Here are 58 ways to pass that time.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

58.  Definitely get a back-tat like the one above

57. Go to the beach, get an awkward-shaped second degree sunburn

56. Call into the Finebaum Show, coherently discuss with him the merits of the spread option, only refer to him as Morpheus

55. Debate every height and weight listing on your rival's official roster

54. Get some cold cuts

53. Host a re-watch party for the 2008 Auburn-MSU game

52. Create a fake credential to get into the SEC Media Days while the Mission Impossible theme blares

51. Rank the SEC coaches by "Most likely to listen to Kenny Chesney"

50. Hold a satellite camp next door to Nick Saban's house (is actually a camp for kids who want to install satellite systems, but he won't know that)

49. Create a Twitter account devoted to unearthing every creepy person who tweets at recruits (with Chris Hansen as your profile pic)

48.  Make a slideshow post ranking your least favorite Bleacher Report slideshows

47. Build a time machine, go back and ask FX to cancel "The League" after season 4

46. Revise your Will to leave all of your money to your school's live mascot

45. Casually start a vague rumor about "big news coming" on your favorite message board, crawfish out of it when nothing happens

44. Rewatch the 2014 MSU-Auburn game and call an Auburn friend every time State scores

43. Finish that life-sized Lego Phil Fulmer you've been working on

42. Start a fight on EliteDawgs by spelling out "Ole Miss" in a post

41. Write a season of True Detective where Chris Davis and Lee Corso solve the murders of five prostitutes near the SMU campus in the 80's.

40. Never tweet

39 - 22. Reply to heated message board threads with only .GIFs of fat guy touchdown dance celebrations

Fat guy td celebration

21.  Get a summer internship in South Bend, buy a bumper sticker that says "Rudy was offsides"

20. Work on sign ideas for football season for Strange Brew Coffeehouse

19. Challenge someone on the internet to a fist fight over the ending of Lost

18. Trash talk children while playing NCAA Football

17. Cut your school's logo into your grass until Google Earth picks it up (Also acceptable: cut in "Terry Sue, I still love you")

16. Play  "Seven Nation Army" on repeat at work to see which coworker breaks first

15. Create a "helmet" schedule that instead features pictures of opponent's coaches screaming

14. Spend half a day debating the top defensive lines in the SEC

13. Change your signature to "I support Big Ten Satellite Camps" and comment a bunch on SEC Rant

12. Start a book club that instead reviews and discusses Nicholas Cage movies

11. Watch a truly underrated early 2000s comedy, Out Cold

10. Yell "Roll Tide" at one of the following events: A piano recital, a wedding, an auction, Mad Max: Fury Road

9.  Google "LSUFreek", go to images, relive every one

Baton Rouge Hangover

8. Make .GIFs, Vines, and/or Instagrams that are dumb

dananananananana Dakman! and Robinson

A video posted by @cristilmethod on

7. Submit six light bright patterns with an application to become a designer at Adidas

6. Sign someone you don't like up for a Saturday Down South email newsletter

5. Make "Deal with it" .GIF meme's for 50 different pictures of Steve Spurrier

4. Send Mike Slive a retirement congrats card with this picture in it.

3. Send Onion article links to your grandparents without context

2. Unfriend everyone on Facebook who shares a "[#] things ____ people do" post or anything that looks viral or click bait-y

1. Boldly predict unfathomable success for your team this fall -- embracing only the positives while ignoring every negative -- to anyone who will listen