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It's college football recruiting season, so here's an important message about tweeting recruits


Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Are you sitting in front of your computer or internet enabled device and currently have Twitter open?  Are you pondering a possible tweet directed at a recruit who your school is after quite heavily in these final few weeks of the recruiting season? Can I give you some words of advice that I think will change your life for the better?

Come closer, this is important.

Are you ready for me to to tell you?


Do not.  Absolutely do not tweet recruits.  It's not worth it.  It's creepy.  And recent studies that I made up for this post prove that those tweets do not sway a recruit's decision one way or the other.  Let me add here some more eloquent ways of putting it from others you may follow in the Twittersphere:

Well put, all of you.

Look, I get that this time of year is fun to follow to see who will be the next star for your football team.  But recruiting for us outside of the process should simply be entertainment.  There's no reason for anyone outside of friends and family members of 'croots to interject themselves into a kid's decision.  Ever.

So in conclusion, please don't tweet recruits this year.  If it's not too much to ask, don't tweet them next year, either.  Use those tweets to share recipes for baked goods or to tweet EA Sports that their football earlier teaser this week was horrible and you hate them for it.  You know, productive things.

Just don't aim your 140 characters at a 17/18 year old.