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Vote Dan Mullen in today's Mississippi Republican Presidential Primary

Vote Dan Mullen for President to Make America Great (at Offense) Again

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Are you tired of the establishment in Washington; the men and women who've toiled for years while getting little done?

Are you fed up with rising interest rates, rising taxes, and the attacks on your freedoms as an American?

Do you want to see America score 40 points a game again?

Then there's one man and one man only for the job, friends.

Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen is the candidate who can spread our nation five wide and convert the big third down when it matters.  He's been on the goal line of democracy for years, and he always scores.

You want a balanced National budget, you say?  Under the guidance of his Secretary of Treasury Dak Prescott, Dan Mullen has balanced the Mississippi State offensive budget well in his time in Starkville.

Are you worried about keeping your children safe from ISIS, Russia, and the LSU defensive line?  Dan Mullen, although utilizing many Secretary of Defenses in his time at MSU, has always found himself near the top of the rankings of those who keep the American endzones safe at night.  Also, his National Security Advisor, Richie Brown, is a hero of the Civil War.

Dan Mullen has never lost a game to China, Russia, or Troy.

If elected, Dan Mullen will work with Congress to repeal UrbanmeyerCare which has plagued the nation for years.

So if you're tired and weary from being buried at your own 20 yard line by "politicians" and the rest of the world, choose a republican candidate today who can help this great nation cross the goal before it falls.

Vote Dan Mullen today in Mississippi's Republican Presidential Primary

This message paid for by the Committee to Advance World Domination by the Southeastern Conference, and definitely not the SEC Network