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Hello, Computer. How's the Internet today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU related miscellany that the internet has to offer.

Morning Linkage

Coach Hevesy Talks O-Line progress - After a, um, not-so-stellar first half against LSU last week, the O-Line seemed to get into a groove in the second half, especially in pass protection. In an interview with 247Sports, Coach Hevesy discusses his perspective on the game. He also touches a bit on his desire to rotate in more guys this weekend against Northwestern State. Surprisingly, he mentions that there's a "great possibility" of No. 1 JUCO OT Martinas Rankin playing. That's odd to me. If he's not starting this year, I assumed he'd take a redshirt and keep two years of eligibility intact for the left tackle spot after Warren graduates.

Dak, like everyone else, thinks he should've run more - Sad Dak didn't keep the ball on a few more of those zone-read plays? Wondering where his signature busted-play scampers went? Yeah, he's sorry about that. He's also sticking up for his RBs after our ground attack sputtered against LSU, which is good form. But he also mentions that the RBs "may be holding back a bit." What the eff? "Holding back"? Yeah, that was LSU last week, y'all, not an exhibition game. It's time for balls to hit walls, and so forth.

Dap for Dak Dakking it up - Dak is one of thirty seniors from across the country nominated for the Senior CLASS Award, which goes to a senior football player who is, well, awesome at life. Dak appears to be awesome a life. Hence he is nominated.

Wait, an interview with the TE coach? - I don't think I'd ever read or even noticed an interview with TE coach Scott Sallach before now. But, that's exactly what the link takes you to. Kudos, 247Sports! He talks about Gus Walley and Justin Johnson and about how much losing sucks.

John Cohen talks about scrimmage - Here's a short interview with John Cohen. Most interesting tidbit may be that they're thinking about tinkering with the outfield. Give it a watch.

Auburn DB Rudy Ford goes temporarily insane - Get a load this:

Reporter: You started off by saying you have to stop [Leonard Fournette]. How difficult of a challenge will that be?

Ford: That shouldn't be difficult. Not that much of a challenge.

Football fields need Perimeters of Wisdom

Feeling melancholy with Harry Nilsson on a Thursday morning

If you're not familiar with Nilsson aside from "Everybody's Talkin'," you need to spend some time with him. A lot of it's sad, but man, it's nice.