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Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Recruiting: A National Signing Day Primer

Getting you ready for Mississippi State's 2013 National Signing Day.

Tomorrow, kids all across this country will pick a hat, and pick a school for their next 4-6 years of football future
Tomorrow, kids all across this country will pick a hat, and pick a school for their next 4-6 years of football future
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

THE day is nearly upon us. Some wait year round for this day, while others dread its arrival annually. Whether you love it or hate it, National Signing Day is less than 24 hours away friends, and you should be prepared for it. So, for your benefit, John Luke, FWtCT's recruiting writer, and myself have prepared for your a primer to make sure that you know what kind of coverage we will feature tomorrow, as well as who MSU expects to sign, who is still on the fence, what recruits are signing on TV and what channel, and much more. Now, let's get started.

What will FWtCT's coverage be like tomorrow?

Summed up in one word, our coverage will be extensive. Here's what we plan to use tomorrow to cover NSD:

  • Storystream: the entire "cover" (top) portion of our site will be a storystream. "WHAT IS A STORYSTREAM OH GREAT WIZARD OF BLOGGING", you might ask. A storystream is simply a stream of posts and stories linked together in one place. Instead of having the front page full of stories of recruits signing, we will group all of the NSD material right there at the top in a storystream. You won't be able to miss it, I promise. The main advantage of the storystream and the sole reason why we use it is that no matter what time you come to the site and check out our material tomorrow, you will easily be able to find everything we've written or produced on MSU's NSD all in one place. That's right, we're constantly thinking about you guys.
  • Running Signee List: in addition to having stories on all of MSU's signees as they sign, we will also have a post that will act as the running tally of signed recruits as their LOIs come in. That list will be updated about every 15 minutes or so, but for the most part, it should keep you reprized of who has signed to that point and who has yet to send in their LOI.
  • Interactive NSD Center: this is a blog, and thus we feel like this site should be about interaction. We will also have a place tomorrow for you guys and girls to ask your questions of our recruiting experts on anything and everything involving MSU recruiting. That post will also feature a stream of tweets that will help you guys keep up-to-date through the world of Twitter as well.
  • Dan Mullen Recruiting Feature: again, it has been great having John Luke around the site since mid-2012. Another feature that John Luke will produce that will come to you tomorrow is a look at Dan Mullen's recruiting efforts since his time in Starkville began in late 2008. Really should provide some interesting insight.
  • Individual Signee Stories: Because we've prepared for this day for some time now, we will bring you individual stories on each recruit as they sign with MSU. Although these stories will be brief, they will include pertinent information that the average joe who doesn't follow recruiting outside of this one day a year would need to know. John Luke will also provide you with some insight on his thoughts on that recruit, how they could help MSU, and so forth. The storystream will also feature posts on recruits that MSU was targeting that decide to sign elsewhere. No, we haven't turned heel, we simply want to keep you informed on all things MSU related on NSD.

Chris Jones (4)

So enough about the content, let's talk about the recruits. Who is MSU expected to sign tomorrow. We'll brake these down into two categories below: 1) most assuredly signing with MSU, 2) will decide on National Signing Day

1) Should sign with MSU (because nothing is 100% until the fax is in)

Kent Flowers | 3-star | OL | Hollandale, MS

Brandon Wells | 3-star | ATH | Bogue Chitto, MS

Jake Thomas | 4-star | OL | Columbus, MS

Shelby Christy | 3-star | WR | Geismar, LA

B.J. Hammond | 3-star | WR | Gadsden, AL

Dezmond Harris | 3-star | ATH | Mccalla, AL

Tyre'oune Holmes | 3-star | ATH | Tylertown, MS

Ashton Shumpert | 4-star | RB | Itawamba, MS

Cord Sandberg | 3-star | QB | Bradenton, FL

Gabe Myles | 3-star | CB | Starkville, MS

De'Runnya Wilson | 3-star | WR | Birmingham, AL

Damian Williams | 3-star | QB | Metairie, LA

Jamaal Clayborn | 3-star | OL | Flowood, MS

Trent Simpson | 3-star | DE | Oxford, AL

Donald Gray | 4-star | ATH | Memphis, TN

2) Will decide on NSD

Deon Mix | 3-star | OL | Batesville, MS

Jahmere Irvin-Sills | 3-star | CB | Elkton, MD

Fred Ross | 4-star | WR | Tyler, TX

Chris Jones | 5-star | DE | Houston, MS

Tony Conner | 5-star | S | Batesville, MS

Mackensie Alexander | 5-star | CB | Immokalee, FL

Mackenro Alexander | 3-star | S | Immokalee, FL

Recruits that will sign on TV (and where)

Chris Jones - 9 a.m. (local TV)

Tony Conner - 9:45 a.m. (ESPU)

Mackensie Alexander - 10:15 a.m. (ESPNU) [Mackenro will assumedly make his decision sometime near this as well]

We don't know what time Fred Ross' decision will come, but Deon Mix should announce sometime around 10. It has been stated that Jahmere Irvin-Sills may not sign tomorrow, and his potential signing with MSU will probably have to do with how MSU fares with the other potential signees listed above.

So, are you ready? Many of you are. You are either ready for the madness to be over, or you are ready to see what MSU can land. Either way, you're ready, and we hope you'll tune in here to stay informed throughout the day tomorrow.

JLgrindin and thecristilmethod contributed to this report.