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Leave Chris Jones Alone!

5* DE has all kinds of media stirring the pot around him

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Jones' rise up the recruiting rankings has been quite the thing to watch. And with it, new offers have come, and plenty of media have tried to make his commitment to MSU a thing of the past.

Brandon Speck has become the poster child for stirring things up with Jones. It started a few weeks ago when he attempted to make it appear as though Jones was unsure about MSU and wanted to take visits.

Then on Wednesday morning he prodded Jones even more, twisting his questions to make it appear he was headed to Ole Miss this weekend for a visit. Jones later told Brad Locke he would not be going to Oxford.

Chris Jones has said he's considered visiting Auburn. He may also be in Starkville this weekend helping MSU recruit. He may go bowling. He may bake cookies with his mom.

There are a lot of problems with recruiting season. There are rumors piled upon rumors on message boards, and folks freak out because of the decisions 17 and 18 year old boys are making. But maybe the biggest problem is these reporters trying to make a story out of nothing.

Here you have Chris Jones keeping to himself, going about his life. Then a reporter ask him about Auburn, about Alabama, about Ole Miss. Is he thinking about visiting Auburn - maybe. He also may be thinking about eating ice cream for dessert. But he may change his mind and go with peach cobbler.

Remember when you were 18? You can barely see past what's going on Friday night, let alone a month from now, or a year. Chris Jones' determination of what he'll do this weekend will probably be based on what he thinks will be the most fun thing to do when it's time to make a decision on Friday. But that won't stop the not-so-hidden-agenda media from stirring the pot until we get to then. It's a process - say Chris Jones and Ole Miss in the same sentence enough and maybe it will stick.

Maybe I'll try one. Tony Conner to MSU. Tony Conner to MSU. Tony Conner to MSU. Tony Conner to MSU. Tony Conner to MSU.

Hey, I think Tony Conner just went from low interest to medium.