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Fred Ross flips commitment from Oklahoma State to Mississippi State, will sign with MSU tomorrow

The Tyler, Texas wide receiver made the flip to Mississippi State, and will be a key for MSU's 2013 signing class.

Ross is a huge, HUGE late addition to this class for Dan Mullen and company
Ross is a huge, HUGE late addition to this class for Dan Mullen and company
SBNation Recruiting - Wescott Eberts

When Mississippi State begins receiving letters of intent on Wednesday, you can now expect Tyler, Texas native Fred Ross' to be in that stack of papers as well.

The 6'2" 185 lb wide out has flipped his commitment to Mississippi State today. The news was first reported by Emily Gagnon of Tyler, Texas TV station KYTX, and then confirmed by Ross' head coach to Paul Jones of Bulldawgs247. Ross was previously committed to Oklahoma State.

This is huge news for Mississippi State's 2013 football recruiting class, as Ross comes in as one of the top talents in this class. He also will take the place of EMCC wide receiver Corey Smith, who flipped his commitment to Ohio State last week. Ross has the talent and build to potentially come in and contribute early for MSU, and that had to be one of the selling points for State in this deal. Additionally, Ross was being recruited to MSU by friend Jeremey Chappelle, who recently enrolled at MSU and is on the team. Ross also has an aunt, Aqua Franklin, who coaches on the women's basketball staff at State.

Ross' commitment to MSU and intention to sign with the Bulldogs is also big in the light of recent events surrounding this class. The initial decommitment of Deon Mix, coupled with the perceived swaying of Chris Jones back and forth had put Bulldog fans on edge. The addition of Ross, however, along with a potential re-addition of Mix and Jones signing with State would certainly right the ship in the minds of many maroon clad faithful, and restore faith in the Dan Mullen recruiting process. This is certainly looking more now like the ending to a recruiting period that fans want to see.

From the commitment story, here's a bit on Ross from SBNation's own Wescott Eberts, who had a chance to watch Ross last summer in a 7on7 camp:


Here's the evaluation of Ross after an impressive viewing at the Fox Sports Southwest 7-on-7 Texas State Championship:

2013 Tyler John Tyler wide receiver Fred Ross -- The Oklahoma State commit feasted on a heavy diet of the unfortunate cornerback lined up against him in the Hebron contest that was won in overtime by the Hawks after a furious comeback. He scored numerous touchdowns, including a leaping catch in the front corner of the endzone over a defender with strong coverage. He was at his best working across the middle on mean-beater routes like slants, when he seemed to always beat his man.

Ross is also effective working over the deep middle on post routes, where he seems to have an uncanny knack of setting up opponents and then getting to his spots on the field, even if the opponent knows what is coming and wants to stop it.

Some kids are just natural receivers and after seeing Ross multiple times in the summer 7-on-7 format, he seems to be one of those guys.


Definitely all exciting things for State fans to hear.