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Mapping Dan Mullen's recruiting efforts

This outstanding map comes to you courtesy of our Nebraska brethren at CornNation and the SBNation CFB statisticians Football Study Hall.

Stacy Revere

I thought this was too good not to share with you all.  Thanks to CornNation and Football Study Hall, we have this outstanding visual map of where all the players recruited by Dan Mullen are from.  Well, let me say that the map is a nationwide database for all major FBS programs, I just narrowed down the criteria to show MSU's recruiting since 2009, when Mullen took over at MSU.

We all know how much Coach Mullen puts an emphasis on recruiting the state of Mississippi, and here's your proof that he has built his program on that premise.  If MSU can attain any success this fall in a season that is full of promise and potential, it will be done with a majority of homegrown talent.

[A big thanks to CornNation and Football Study Hall author Paul Dalen for the table]