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South Carolina fan rewrites Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" as hype video for Saturday, and it's awesome

This video is sadly satirical and not delusional, but still, it's hilarious.

Even before Liz Honey burst on the scene late last year with her ballad to Arkansas fans, we've seen more fanatical members of collegiate athletic fanbases lament their their sorrows or share their jubilation via song. These songs, of course, are discovered by us, the public, via outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, etc. And thanks to a Fancred user, you can add the above video to that list of, ah, inspirational videos.

The difference, sadly, is that this video is satirical in nature, not the wonderful delusion and complete absence of self that we're used to when fans go all out and spill their hearts on YouTube. The girl -- who I guess we'll take her word for it and assume her name is Kate Bickley -- and her sorority, Kappa Delta, purposefully made this video as a farce, and I have to say, well done. How she kept a straight face during the entire video is a mystery to me; I would have required at least 1,500 takes to complete the video that was just under two minutes long. If you did it in anything under that Kate, then well done.

Congrats to the ladies of South Carolina' Kappa Delta sorority, and more specifically, to Kate. Ya done good.

[h/t Bill Mooneyhan]

[via Fancred]