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Jonathan Holder's "time to close this one out" video from Davis Wade Stadium is online

Many of us wondered if the videos used at Davis Wade this season would ever hit the interwebs with MSU's propensity for social media sharing, and finally, with the season done, they have.

One of the few bright spots in the video board's use this season was the video that State debuted in the season's home opener at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

I doubt I have to explain to anyone what goes on in it, as most of you have probably seen it or heard of it. But for those who have not, the short video is as follows: a player comes out, revealing himself to be Jonathan Holder in a football uni, and says "time to close this one out," while his baseball music -- Johnny Cash's "God's gonna cut you down" -- plays in the background.

Well done, MSU. Well done.

You can see the rest of the videos MSU used at Davis Wade Stadium this season right here.