Another Painful Loss In Starkville...


The defense allowed no points in the second half...thats a bright spot, right???

As the final minutes ticked away in last nights game, I truly believed without a shadow of a doubt that we would come away victorious. Even as Auburn marched down the field on their final drive, seemingly on their way to at least three points, I believed. When State blocked the field goal attempt and got the ball back with only a couple of minutes left in the game I shook my cowbell so hard I thought it would shatter. Although we'd struggled on offense throughout most of the game, I believed that we would make some magic happen and, at the very least, put the game into OT.

So, I probably don't have to tell you that after I watched the final Mississippi State pass hit the ground (with no receivers nearby) that...well there really isn't a word to describe that kind of disappointment. The stadium was rocking last night and it was full of fans just like me. Fans who believed to the very end that we were destined to win that game.

Having said all that, I hope Bulldog fans recognize that we are still improving. We're competing so much better than we were two years ago. We can woulda, coulda, shoulda last nights game to death but it will not change the outcome. We gave Auburn one hell of a scare and it was very nice watching some of them squirm in their seats near me.

I watched the game on television this morning and I was glad to see some of the close up shots of MSU players after the game. Leon Berry in particular was obviously distraught over his drop that would've put us in field goal range at the end of the game. I'm glad that our players are no where near becoming complacent with losing. That is something I feel like some of our teams of years past used to do. The players and staff clearly know where they need to improve and it's already been referenced on this site so there is no reason to state the obvious again. I know the coaching staff will get it straightened out.

Dan Mullen posted the following on Facebook today:
thanks Bulldog students and fans for doing your job in the stadium. We WILL come thru for you.

I believe they will come through for us too. Hopefully it starts with the next game in Baton Rouge.

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