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MSU News & Notes | Monday, October 29, 2012

All of the News and Notes from around the world of MSU sports including Alabama recap links, updated BCS standings, rankings, Texas A&M game time info, and much more.

With another weekend of football behind us, the Bulldogs now turn their attention to the Texas A&M Aggies, a team that in the midst of putting together quite a first season in the SEC. Before we plunge headlong into Aggies preview, however, we will have some News and Notes recapping last Saturday's game with Alabama. You can also look for our MSU Men's Basketball Preview Series this week as well, starting with a general preview this morning around 9 a.m. Now, here are your News and Notes:

  • Obviously Saturday night was tough for just about all Bulldog fans. Nevertheless, State picks itself back up and gets ready for the Texas A&M Aggies, a team that has featured huge offensive numbers this season, led by freshman QB Johnny Manziel. Yesterday we finally found out that the Aggies and Bulldogs will kick at 11am next Saturday, which is obviously a huge, huge disappointment if you're a State fan. As soon as I saw the Georgia win Saturday afternoon I knew State had no chance, win or lose against Alabama, to receive the 2:30 home slot against Texas A&M on CBS. I will say however that I can understand where CBS is coming from, it's not necessarily a complete screw job by them in my opinion. State just got the shaft of having its biggest home game the same weekend as Alabama vs. LSU, which is for the second season the game which CBS chose as its night feature game. As part of CBS' agreement with ESPN, CBS has one day a season to select to have two games, one being a primetime night game, and this was it obviously with LSU and Bama set to battle in Baton Rouge. The problem with that was that the agreement stated that all games not LSU - Bama or the 2:30 CBS game had to then be played at 11a.m., which just completely screws MSU. It would not be as huge of a pain in the rear in my opinion if it wasn't the day after Bulldog Bash, only the biggest party of the football season in Starkville. You will now ask a student fan base to go out, most likely party until the wee hours of Saturday morning, and then turn around and be loud for an 11 a.m game the following day. Again, not the schools fault one bit and really not CBS' fault. I don't know who is to blame, really, I just know it blows.
  • Speaking of the A&M - State game, we also found out yesterday that A&M opened as a 2.5 point favorite over State. That's not really a shocking line, considering they are higher than us in the polls now, and are coming off of a huge 42 point road win at Auburn. I'm not 100% sure if I think the line will move down towards a push during the week or move up closer to 4 or 5. One thing is for sure, after I doubted last week's 24 point Alabama favorite spread, I realize just how much more the Vegas bookies know than I, ha.
  • I don't always link our posts in the News and Notes unless it's news type stuff, but I'm linking MBD's Playing to a Standard post here because I think it is really worth your read. He talks about how Nick Saban expects his players to play to the best of their abilities each game, and not to their opponents abilities. It really is the key to Saban's success at the college football level, and a goal that we certainly hope Dan Mullen can emanate in his own players sometime soon. Again, a good read, check it out.
  • If you missed it, make sure you check out our Quick Hits and Game Recap posts from yesterday following up on the Alabama loss. Game Recap is not quite as meaty as usual, because I covered for Robbie, who does a much better job at that post than I. You can also check out game recaps from Marcello, Carskadon, and Locke. Also, you can check out the BSR post game show.
  • Here is the animated drive chart from Saturday's game against Alabama, if you are interested in such things:

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

That's it for today's News and Notes folks, have a good one!


Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun (via folatom)