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Regular Season Rewind - Jackson State Game

Man, that seems like a long time ago...

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to our regular season rewind. From now until the bowl game we'll be recapping the season in full, and I'm in charge of each game this year. So we'll start with the first game - Jackson State. I've got all the games saved on my DVR, the SEC games at least (I had to delete the non-conference to make room for my wife's girly shows). So I'll have more in-depth reviews on those games as I re-watch them, but for now I'll just go with some links that will help to re-live the game against the Sonic Boom.

Bulldogs beat FCS SOUTHEAST.

How many times did we hear the word "vanilla defense" after this game? Trouble is, I'm not sure much changed.

Braden went to the game, took a picture and shared some thoughts.

Monday Morning QB from that week - which had A&M as #11 in the power rankings, ha!

The animated drive chart.

Matthew Wells' stock sure was high early in the year (what happened?). Also, the fog machine.

Our radio show after the game.