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MSU's Snow Bowl rematch and Egg Bowl jerseys available for download on NCAA Football 2013

Of course the Snow Bowl rematch jerseys are available 5 days after the actual game. Of COURSE.

EA Sports released the latest update to its NCAA Football 2013 uniform store yesterday, which featured the special uniforms Mississippi State has (and will) wear this season. Both the 'Snow Bowl' rematch jerseys, worn against Texas A&M last weekend in the 38-13 loss, and the Egg Bowl jerseys to be worn against Ole Miss later this season have been added to the store, and are available along with a UCLA special game jersey as a pack for download at $1.99.

The report above only cites the update for PS3, and that's the gaming console that I used to take the pictures on as well, so I'm not 100% sure that these are available on XBOX, although I would imagine that they are.

Not going to lie, the Snow Bowl rematch jerseys are a massive disappointment. They essentially took the normal M-State helmet logo and added gray to it. No sign of the laser etched bully that was one of the main features of the actual jerseys. I wouldn't waste your money on these folks, even if it is only $2.