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Bowl Selection Day - Final Bowl Projections, and We Ask Which Bowl Are You Hoping For?

Your final set of bowl projections are up as the selection of where we are going bowl is almost near.

Could State be headed back to Nashville?  Or are we headed to Jacksonville, or even Birmingham?
Could State be headed back to Nashville? Or are we headed to Jacksonville, or even Birmingham?
Grant Halverson

Tonight at 7p.m. Central time, Mississippi State, along with every other eligible bowl team, will find out where we will be bowling this holiday season. Although some schools already know their destinations, MSU's is still very much in the air, as either the Compass, Gator, or Music City Bowls could snatch up State as their SEC representative. In years past it feels like it was more clear as to where we would go, but that has not been the case. So what are the national pundits saying? As we prepare for the announcement tonight, let's take one final look at all of the bowl projections from around the internet.

CBS - Music City vs. Duke
ESPN - Aschoff - Music City (no opponent indicated)
Schlabach - Gator vs. Wisconsin
Edwards - Compass vs. Toledo
Sports Illustrated - Music City vs. North Carolina State
Phil Steele - Gator vs. Wisconsin
SBNation - Music City vs. Duke
BCS Guru - Music City vs. Virginia Tech
College Football News - Gator Bowl vs. Northwestern

There you have it folks. Those are all of the major bowl projections that we could get our hands on. When I started this post last night, most of the predictions where for State to be heading back to the Gator Bowl. As you can see, that has changed a bit this morning, as many of the predictions now have State making the return trip to Nashville for the Music City Bowl. Although that is not preferred by the bowl selection committees, - that is, taking the same team two years in a row - it's not a complete impossibility, as we saw Kentucky go to back to back Music City Bowls in 2006 and 2007.

So, now we wait. We will let you guys know if we hear anything worth reporting early, but outside of that, we will have news tonight on where we are going. Which bowl are you guys hoping for? Personally, I want Music City, but that's me being selfish and wanting to make a trip to Nashville for New Year's Eve.