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The Latest Dan Mullen - Colorado Rumors: How Valid Are They?

Yes there were reports last night that Mullen would interview with Colorado, but from who? And can they be considered credible? We take a look.

Doug Pensinger

If you spent time on Twitter last night and follow any MSU-related accounts, or if you read at all and happened to wander over to the site late last evening, then you might have seen the latest Dan Mullen related rumor. The latest rumor is that MSU head football coach will interview for the head coaching position at Colorado.

As far as we can tell, the rumor started via this tweet from Brad Logan:

The tweet says that KGNU, which is a local radio station in Boulder, was reporting that Mullen will interview with the Buffaloes. After the initial shock wore off, we did a little further investigation, into both the reporter of said information as well as the radio station that it allegedly came from.

As SixPackSpeak tweeted last night, the CA in this Brad Logan's twitter handle does not stand for Commercial Appeal as you might think; it stands for Calhoun Apparel, the company that Logan apparently owns or works for. Logan does write freelance, and is a contributor for Mississippi Sport Magazine. I have to admit when I first saw the tweet, I thought the CA meant he was associated with the Commercial Appeal, and was taking the situation quite seriously. But, once SixPack tweeted out that that was not the case, the knot in my stomach loosened a bit. SixPack also tweeted that upon further review, Mr. Logan is a member of the Ole Miss Quarterback Club. Could this all be an elaborate ruse by the Rebels to have a little fun at our expense? Or, is this truly a man just passing along what he'd heard? Let's chase this further down the rabit hole and assume Logan had no malice in his intentions. What do we know about this KGNU in Boulder?

A quick Google search and overview of their website pretty much relieves the rest of the fears that one might have about this information and its validity. By all appearances, KGNU seems to be a community radio station along the lines of what 91.1 is in Starkville. There is no indication whatsoever that they have any sports-related programming, or that they would be interested in such information. So then, the question comes up, where did the information come from? At this point, it could be from anywhere; we don't really know. The station does have a Grateful Dead hour that ran last evening. Maybe the great Jerry Garcia spoke to the hosts of that show from beyond the grave that Dan Mullen was destined for Colorado. Marijuana is, after all, legal in Colorado now. After all of this came up, I checked out Kyle Ringo's Twitter timeline; Kyle is the beat writer for the Daily Camera in Boulder. Here's all I could find that he had to say re: the information:

Kyle is just acknowledging the speculation is out there, he is not reaffirming that he is hearing the same thing. If you remember about a week ago, we wrote about how there was interest in Dan Mullen from Colorado. As Kyle writes above and as you would have imagined, they could not get much return interest from Mullen, which would be about par for your expectations.

Colorado, by far, is having the roughest time this winter with its coaching search out of all of the ones that have gone on. The Buffaloes appeared to have Butch Jones signed, sealed, and delivered earlier this week, but Jones caught wind of the availability of the Tennessee job, and played his cards right, receiving a 3M/yr contract from UT versus a 2+M/yr contract at UC.

So, what is my gut feeling after reviewing everything out there? Just as you would imagine, that this is all smoke. The Buffaloes, their administration, and the fanbase are desperate for a hire after how their search has unfolded so far, and would love to make a "splash hire" in the process. Although Mullen would be the splash hire that they desire, I just don't see the merit or motivation behind any interest he may have there. All we can do now is keep our eye on the sources of information we know to be credible, and until they report something is happening on that front, we should rest easy. Unless dead Jerry Garcia's premonitions ring true, I think we will be just fine.