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Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

- Great win last night against Kentucky. Taking the series from UK was just what the doctor ordered. State had to overcome some horrible calls by the umpires in Game 2, my good buddy Dirty Panda profiles them here. Now, hopefully State has locked up a 2 seed. Maybe we can move up enough not to face one of the national Top 8 seeds.

- MSU is now 15-14 in SEC play, tied with Vandy and Arkansas. As of now, Vandy is the 5 seed, MSU the 6 and ARK the 7. UGA is 8th at 14-14 and Ole Miss 9th at 14-15.

- Johnathon Holder has really come on strong - his name suggests he was born to be a closer. With a save in both games he now has 6, and still has a 0.00 E.R.A. You know your pitching staff is good when your All-American closer loses his job even though he has an E.R.A. under 3 (Caleb Reed).

- Did you know: Chris Stratton is the first MSU pitcher since Paul Maholm in 2002 to have 10 wins?

- Where you able to catch my 6 biggest 'what ifs' in MSU history this week? If you missed any of them, here are the links..

#6 - What if the 2001 and 2002 Recruiting Classes Would Have Panned Out

#5 - What if the 2005 Basketball Class Would Have Worked Out

#4 - What if Xavier Wouldn't Have Shot Lights Out in 2004

#3 - What if State Had Claimed the 1941 National Title

#2 - What if MSU Had Played All Home Games in Starkville

#1 - What if Cam Newton Had Come to State

I tried to keep it to 'what ifs' that would have made MSU better. One that probably could top list would be: what if State had never joined the SEC? Honorable mentions to this list were: what if the 1985 baseball team had won the College World Series and what if we could have played in the NCAA Tourney under Babe McCarthy (more than the one time).

- Our greatest games features continues in a couple hours when I will be in charge of today's post. If you haven't been around this week, we are doing a Sweet 16 of greatest games - all the writers at FWTCT are participating. All the winners will be selected by YOU - the reader. We hope you'll vote for the next one, past ones, and future ones as well (it's anonymous so why not?)

- Nick Brassel - arguably Ole Miss' best player - is transferring to Northwest due to grades. They are in shambles over there...and I hope for their sake, it gets worse.

- Have you noticed how much TSUN is being dominated by Vanderbilt? They've lost the first two games of the baseball series, 11 of the last 12 meetings in basketball and 5 out of 7 in football. That is horrible.

- Interesting correlation between winning seasons and beating Auburn in football.

-Thanks to everyone who reads the crazy stuff I come up with here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. It's a lot of fun to write about Mississippi State. Pretty much all the feedback I get is positive - I guess because y'all are fans of the Bulldogs as well. Every now and then I'll get an e-mail from a fan of another school who has wondered over to our site. Here's a quote from a Bama fan I got in an e-mail this week:

i hope you learn college football will enjoy it more once you know actual facts...according to your web site 41 just shows the ap poll...i know for a fact there were are obviously one of those know it all that googles something and acts like you were there...son here in Alabama we are raised on football...we choose a team at birth and join your first team at 5 yrs old...we take this very need to go to tuscaloosa and go look at the trophys...none were made up...all were awarded...i really dont care what you think...Bama still has the most bowl appearances most bowl wins and most national titles (even without the 34 and 41)...thats the two biggest records in college football...Alabama is college football and football lies in the hearts of the great Bama little msu opinion dosnt change the facts about college football.

This made me laugh..."son here in Alabama we are raised on football", ha! And I'll give this guy credit for moving Alabama to #2 on my most obnoxious fans in the SEC list - up from #3.

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Have a great rest of your weekend!