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MSU News and Notes | Friday, August 17, 2012

<em>photo courtesy of Blake McCollum Photography</em>
photo courtesy of Blake McCollum Photography

Your News and Notes are all loaded up and ready to go this morning. I promise I had notes put together for you guys and gals last week as well, but unforeseen circumstances which arose Friday morning didn't allow me to publish them. I am sorry, it won't happen ever again anytime soon. What I had hoped to tell you was that News and Notes will soon be ramping back up to its usual posting frequency schedule. However, as football season is generally more news producing and busier than any other time of the sports calendar, we will be taking News and Notes to a 5 day posting schedule. Now, rest assured it won't be a long post every day. Some days there may be as little as 3 links in there, some days there may be 20. But my goal is to provide it to you each and every weekday morning to get your day started off (hopefully) on the right track. We plan to put together a solid weekly lineup here at the blog this fall, and I think y'all will really enjoy what we have to offer. Now, here are your News and Notes for today, August 17, 2012.

  • I doubt you missed it, but in case you did, MSU officially announced details on the north endzone expansion and west side renovation at Davis Wade Stadium on Wednesday. The project will cost $75 million (does Dr. Evil pinky to mouth), will add a net 6,255 seats, with 22 new suites of various sizes, and much more. Also included in the project is the all important renovation of the west side of the stadium, which will get a brick facade facelift on the outside, as well as a complete renovation underneath in the concourse. Really exciting stuff, and all of it will hopefully be ready by August 31, 2014, when State opens the 100th campaign at Scott Field against Southern Miss. Work is scheduled to start, like, tomorrow...
  • The guys at SBNation, the great blogging network we write for here at FWtCT, continue to unveil their college football All-American team, and yesterday they announced defensive backs, among other positions. I mention defensive backs because our own Johnthan Banks was named All-American, and rightfully so.

Happy Friday everyone, and I hope you have a good weekend. I'll be at home, staring at the calendar, waiting for it to change to September 1st. As always, if I missed anything good or of note, please leave it in the comments homies.

Your Friday video bonus comes to us today from Jim Gaffigan, talking to us about his thoughts on Hot Pockets:

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