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The Junction Journal: Vol. 1 Issue 3

I know eating healthy isn't really a huge concern for most tailgaters. It's definitely not for me, but when it's possible to have something that is healthy and stupid delicious then, well, why the hell not? Before you read any further, please answer these questions...

Do you like to scarf down buffalo wings? WHO DOESN'T.

Do you enjoy the crispy finish of egg rolls? YES, PLEASE.

I present to you: Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. I stumbled upon (literally using the StubleUpon app) this recipe on the 'Can You Stay For Dinner?' blog, which is awesome by the way, and my life has been forever changed.

(Click here for the full recipe...and way more appetizing pictures)

All you need is egg roll wrappers, chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and slaw...



I can't really think of a better beer drinking, football watching food. I can't say it enough: BEER, CHICKEN, EGG ROLLS, FOOTBALL. That's the story of my life in five words. They are easy to handle, no mess, and taste great straight out of the oven or cooled. You could make them in the morning, wrap them in foil, and serve 'em up at the tailgate as a starter or as a private reserve for when your cousin knocks the plate of burgers onto the ground.