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MSU News and Notes | Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hang in there State fans, another weekend is almost upon us.

So before we get started today, I have to apologize for something. I was typing yesterday the news and notes a bit early so I wouldn't be working on it late into the night, and low and behold we have players kicked off the basketball team. The last time I was working on the news and notes a bit early? The afternoon the letter from State to the rouge booster became public. Basically, from now on if I start working on the news and notes post early, I will alert you via twitter, as that most likely means something big is about to happen. That or when I travel. Things always go down when I'm on the road.

Now with that out of the way, let's get to the news and notes for today, which will be short.

  • Yesterday's Wednesday Bulldog Update was a must read for all State fans, esepcailly those attending this weekend's game versus Auburn. Scott Stricklin touches on a few important items, one very important for you ladies with regards to allowed bag size into the stadium starting this Saturday. No mention of a letter of apology from the smoke machine for tripping our players. Psshhh, what a coward. PS: also included in the update is the announcement that State has sold out its 18th straight home game with the sellout of tickets for Auburn Saturday. The ticket office is in the process of selling standing room only tickets as we speak.
  • State made the finalist list of Southern Living's "South's Best Tailgates" contest. So did basically every other SEC school too though.

That's it for today folks. Now get out there and get to Thursdayn'.

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