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Georgia Hires Chris Wilson as Defensive Line Coach

We all wondered yesterday how well coach Wilson would take a such a public demotion when Geoff Collins replaced him as defensive coordinator. Late last night, Wilson did as many expected, and took a job elsewhere.

Mississippi State University |

[UPDATE, 1.9.2013] - After nearly a week's time, Georgia has finally made the hiring of Wilson official.


Following yesterday's promotion of Geoff Collins to defensive coordinator, many wondered what former MSU DC Chris Wilson's status would be on the staff going forward. We were reassured shortly after the announcement that Wilson was being retained as defensive line coach, but even then, State fans openly questioned just how concrete that status was.

We found out late last night that it was more fluid of a status than we had hoped.

Georgia has hired former MSU defensive coordinator Chris Wilson as its defensive line coach, Dawg Nation (ESPN) writer Kipp Adams reports.

Wilson takes the position vacated by Rodney Garner, who left to take a position on the new Auburn staff.

Wilson joined MSU's staff in 2009, leaving his alma mater, Oklahoma, where he coached the defensive line. He and Manny Diaz co-coordinated the defense for the 2009 and 2010 seasons until Diaz left for Texas prior to 2011. Wilson shared co-coordinating duties with Collins the last two seasons, but Wilson called plays and was considered the DC.

Many State fans hoped that Wilson would remain on staff, as he is a good defensive line coach and excellent recruiter.The following sentences have been stricken from the post, as we learned from the below tweets that Wilson was not, in fact, Chris Jones' primary recruiter at MSU. He was also the primary recruiter for prized MSU 5* commit Chris Jones. With Wilson now gone, quite a few State fans will have heartburn over Jones' recruitment from now until February 6th.

Many thought that MSU naming a new defensive coordinator yesterday may shake Jones' MSU commitment, but yesterday NEMS Daily Journal Prep Writer Brandon Speck, who controversially stirred rumors about Jones' recruitment earlier in the week while Jones was at the UA All-American Game, caught up with Jones, and Chris had this to say with regards to the changes happening on the Bulldog defensive staff:

Mississippi State now needs to hire both a secondary coach and a defensive line coach. Additionally, there are rumors that changes are coming on the offensive side of things, but nothing has come to light yet.