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Stock Watch -- Bowling Green

A look at whose stock is up, and whose is on the fall after a narrow 21-20 homecoming win over the Bowling Green Falcons.

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Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

Joe Morrow -- This is just one of those games that you watch, you look back at the stats for it, and you still struggle to find a player that really stood out to you. I guess for me, one of the ones that stood out for the better Saturday was Joe Morrow. Many, including myself, have ragged on Morrow in his first season and a half about his inability to catch the football consistently. He's dropped two touchdown passes that I can remember off the top of my head, in addition to who knows how many other passes. BUT... But, Joe does seem to be improving game to game. I thought he played well Saturday; he made the catches that he needed too. And maybe we're starting to see him transform into the go-to receiver Dan Mullen and the coaching staff know he can be. Having a receiver of his size on the edge that you can count on in this offense would prove big, if he has turned the corner.

Stock to Sell

Finishing -- This point remains from last week, but really you can extend it out from just the fourth quarter to cover the whole dang second half. There is no other school that I know of that possesses the innate ability to play up to or down to the talent level of their opponent. That really is the only way to explain how State could hang with a really good LSU team for three quarters, and then a week later had to hold off a late drive to beat Bowling Green. I know it's got to be EXTREMELY hard to get up for a homecoming game against a team you know you should beat, but Mullen has got to find a better way to motivate his guys. After they did what they wanted early and scored two fairly quick touchdowns, everyone from the fans to the team seemed to put in on cruise control, and that slowly allowed an opportunistic Falcons team to climb right back into the game. It didn't cost us this time, but you never really do realize you have the problem until you mess around and lose to a, you know, Maine or 1-AA Troy, or Louisiana Monroe.