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Ole Miss botches Gatorade shower after big win over LSU

Just moments after Ole Miss' huge home win over #6 LSU last night, we were all treated to what may have been the worst Gatorade shower attempt ever.

Ole Miss: win the party, the game, but not the Gatorade bath.
Ole Miss: win the party, the game, but not the Gatorade bath.

For starters, let me say congratulations to Ole Miss on taking down #6 LSU last night in a big, big win at home.  The Rebels, working with a patch-work defense, were able to scrap and fight their way to a 27-24 win over the Bayou Bengals, ending their three game losing streak, and knocking LSU from a potential top five BCS spot in today's opening ranking.

The game, which went back and forth all night, was sealed in the final seconds, as Ole Miss kicker Andrew Ritter sealed an Ole Miss drive with a 41 yard field goal to give the Rebels the win.  After LSU's failed attempt to return the following kickoff, the Rebels and their coach, Hugh Freeze, headed out onto the field the celebrate a huge win.  The problem with their sprint out onto the surface was that the guys in charge of the Gatorade shower, ah, weren't quite ready.  Let's go to the tape to see how the Gatorade shower -- long a staple of the big win in football -- went wrong:

Ole Miss failed Gatorade shower

via ESPN

We've all heard the phrase "it's better late than never", however I guess that doesn't apply in the dousing of coach with Bobby Boucher's least favorite drink post-game.  In all seriousness Ole Miss, congrats on the win.  But maybe get the big guys primed up a bit earlier next time.