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Could ejection lead to TNA Appearance for Nickoe Whitley?

Nickoe Whitley vs. Sting....

Artist rendering of proposed match between Nickoe Whitley and Sting.
Artist rendering of proposed match between Nickoe Whitley and Sting.

Nashville, Tenn. (PA NEWS) -Mississippi State senior safety Nickoe Whitley has caused many impacts during his football career, and unbelievably, in the early hours of Friday morning, TNA Wrestling announced an unbelievable agreement (See agreement here) for Whitley to bring his abilities to the Impact Zone to take on 15-time World Champion Sting in a future wrestling bout.

How the match came to be

The genesis of the bout stems from Whitley receiving two personal fouls and an ejection after appearing to have possibly thrown punches in a dog pile. Sting, whose son, Steven is a junior tight end for Kentucky, said he could not sit and watch the Wildcats be attacked.

"During my days in WCW, I was always the one that stood up for what was right," explained Sting. "I refused to let Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen bully the NWA, and I kept Hollywood Hogan and the NWO from taking over WCW. I can't sit by and let this go unanswered."

Hulk Hogan who until a few weeks ago served as general manger of TNA feels that Sting will be up to the challenge.

"Well you know something, brother?" said Hogan. "Sting may not be as young as he once was, but with training, prayers and vitamins, I have no doubt that a Scorpion Deathlock will be in the future of Nickoe Whitley. Whatcha gonna do Nickoe when the Stinger runs wild on you!"

While the thought of a football player stepping into the ring might sound a bit out of the ordinary, gridiron greats have succeeded in TNA. In 2007, Adam "Pacman" Jones teamed with Ron Killings to capture the TNA tag team titles.

"TNA is a place where any and all athletes can come and compete," said TNA executive Dixie Carter. "Nickoe will be joining the likes of Rampage Jackson and other greats to crossover into a TNA ring."

One area for concern for Mississippi State and Whitley surround his standing as an amateur should he compete in professional wrestling. Mississippi State Athletics Director Scott Stricklin believes that Whitley's status as an amateur is on lockdown.

"Nothing to my knowledge prevents student athletes from participating in scripted activities," said Stricklin. "We all know that we script the quarterbacks for our first drives, and no matter the circumstances, we follow that script. Outside of Oxford, what could go wrong with student athletes performing in a scripted event or attending such event."

If this appears to be an issue, Carter already has a back up plan in place.

"We have an Olympic gold medalist in Kurt Angle that knows the ins and outs of the amateur style of wrestling," said Carter. "Should it be needed, Kurt will put on the striped shirt, the mat will be rolled out, and Sting and Nickoe will compete in a Greco-Roman style match."

Angle said he is ready to step in. "I won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck," said Angle. "I can call this match right down the middle."

While the match seems to be one that should be straight forward, wrestling personality "Mean" Gene Okerlund said everything may not be as it seems.

"I'm hearing reports that there are some who do not want to see Nickoe bound for glory in TNA," explained Okerlund. "Will there be a mystery man involved? You have to call my hotline to find out. Remember it is 99 cents per minute, and kids, you must have your parents' permission as charges will show up on your parents' phone bill."

Whitley, who according to his manager Jimmy Hart will allow his actions to speak for him, has no fear of Sting.

"You saw what Nickoe did out on that field," said Hart through his megaphone. "What will happen when Sting is out there, and does not have any pads on?"

No date has been set for the match as the official contract signing is set for later in the week.

To finance the costs, TNA sold thousands of acres of beach front property in Utah.