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Stock Watch -- LSU

A look at whose stock is up, and whose is on the fall after a 59-26 home loss to LSU.

Stacy Revere

Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

Jameon Lewis -- It'd take all of your fingers and toes to count the number of receivers that have come through MSU and never lived up to the hype that surrounded them.  At times last year, I worried that Jameon would join that list, but his play so far this year has easily erased that fear.  Lewis' play Saturday against LSU furthered my belief that he is as good as advertised.  Jameon had some issues with drops in the past, but he's become one of the most go-to receivers in MSU's arsenal.  On Saturday, Jameon coupled his clutch abilities with his video game-like shifts and shakes to rack up quite a bit of yardage.  I found myself Saturday wanting them to keep throwing to him, and with MSU's history of shaky WR play, rooting for one guy to get the ball is an exciting rarity.

Tyler Russell's performance --  This is not an endorsement of Russell starting over Prescott, but rather an endorsement of how Tyler has handled the QB controversy, and how he responded on the field Saturday.  Tyler got rid of the ball quick, and made some great passes, including the beautiful touchdown pass to Jameon in the first half.  Kudos to Tyler for handling the whole situation extremely well, and for coming out and playing like his pants were on fire Saturday.

Stock to Sell

Finishing -- Just as much as cowbells, it seems like the lack of finishing ballgames has been a staple of MSU football for years.  Saturday night was no different from that tradition.  I turned to a buddy just after the levee broke on the game and told him that (one of) the difference(s) in LSU and MSU is that LSU possesses the ability to finish.  Yes, I know that LSU also possesses more talent, but if MSU finishes drives and gets a stop or two Saturday, we win. I feel like a record stuck on repeat when I say that this is a talented team that just isn't quite there yet, but that seems to be the case.  The talent is certainly there, as we saw at times Saturday.  The key will be if and when this group turns ifs and buts into did, done, and wins.