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5 Quick Thoughts on Mississippi State-7, No. 1 Alabama-20

The Mississippi State Bulldogs hung tough with the Alabama Crimson Tide before falling to the No. 1 ranked team in the country.

Kevin C. Cox

1) What an amazing showing by the Mississippi State defense.  The only real hiccup by this group was the last minute touchdown at the end of the first half.  Other than that, the defense did everything that could have been asked of them short of scoring a touchdown.  I have a feeling this is what Mayhem is supposed to look like.

2) I'm not sure I buy the what if Dak Prescott played question.  Yes, the Bulldogs tend to be a better team offensively with Prescott in the game, but most of the problems in the passing game came on the hands of the wide receivers.  As far as running the ball, could he have done better?  It is tough to say, but one would have to think at least a little bit.

3) This game should leave Mississippi State fans feeling like they were just punched in the gut...repeatedly. This game was there for the taking by Mississippi State, but they failed to make it happen.  One thing that has to be promising is that the crowd never seemed to lose interest, and they were even cheering hard after the game.  Was it as magical as Florida 2009? Nope, but it did feel good to see the Bulldogs compete against No. 1 Alabama.

4) Damien Williams looked pretty good for a true freshman thrown into the fire against the No. 1 team in all the land after he settled into the game.  What happens if De'Runnya Wilson snags that touchdown pass to make it 20-14?  Seeing Tyler Russell get injured was quite disheartening given the way his season has been.

5) Jameon Lewis picked absolutely the worst night to have his worst game of the season.  He struggled all night in the punt return game, and he had several important passes slip through his fingers.  He was far from the only person on special teams to struggle.  Much of that unit did most of the night.