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Relive the Egg Bowl Through the Tweets of Former Players

Former Mississippi State Bulldogs had a lot to say about the Egg Bowl Thursday night. Here is a look back on their thoughts on Nickoe Whitley, the officials, the game itself and more.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State's 17-10 overtime victory over Ole Miss in the 2013 Egg Bowl does not seem impressive in the context of box scores, but those who watched the game know that the way the final events unfolded made this one of the more unexpected endings to an Egg Bowl ever.

While we all attended the game or watched at home or elsewhere, former Mississippi State players did the same, and some took to twitter to share their thoughts on the game and players in the game.

In what could not be a surprise, players such as Johnthan Banks, Charles Mitchell, and Darius Slay had thoughts to share on the Mississippi State secondary.

Banks, as well as Chad Bumphis had some love for Taveze Calhoun:

Charles Mitchell sounded like the proud dad of the secondary with one of his tweets:

Nickoe Whitley got a lot of love from other former Bulldogs as well:

As you might guess Dak Prescott got a bunch of love as well:

Chad Bumphis reminded us not to forget about Damian Williams:

Fletcher Cox sees big things ahead for Chris Jones:

Anthony Dixon recognizes a good kick when he sees one:

Speaking of Dixon, he was not a fan of the officials:

He was not the only one not impressed with the men in stripes either:

Think these guys were happy that State won the Egg Bowl?

Darius Slay may have best summed up the feelings of the day: