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All of your favorite artists from the mid 2000's are playing in Starkville this weekend

Let me start with this: I'm slightly old. Old as in past my mid 20's, so, you know, OLD by college standards. So if this has been widely known for awhile, then please forgive my old, out-of-touch ways. As Super Bulldog Weekend begins getting cranked (crunked?) up today, I'm starting to see people talking about not only seeing music act Cage the Elephant this weekend, but Sister Hazel, Chamillionare, and Yung Joc as well.

Say what?!

Apparently (you probably already knew. I didn't) Yung Joc and Chamillionare will be playing frat houses this weekend (Joc @ Phi Delt, not sure where for Chamillionare), while Sister Hazel is playing Rick's Saturday night.

I love Super Bulldog Weekend. I love mid-2000's rap. And most importantly, I can address all of those loves this weekend in Starkville.

[UPDATE] - I have been given the full schedule - Chamillionare is playing at the Sig Ep house. Yung Joc, as mentioned, is at the Phi Delt house. Roscoe Dash is playing Sigma Chi, and Gorilla Zoe is playing FIJI.


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