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Could Anthony Dixon's denial of service at Cowbells be Starkville's gain?

Could Boobie be a future Starkville business owner?

Mississippi State University | Bill Simmonds

By now you've all heard about BOOBIEvsCOWBELLS-GATE -- which occurred late Saturday evening when former Mississippi State running back Anthony "Boobie" Dixon was denied entry into Cowbells Bar & Grill due to the bar already being at capacity. Because I'm so late to touch on this topic, it's already been well hashed out as to whether or not Boobie should have been granted access (he should have). I understand there are fire codes and a business must abide by them, but simply put, you kinda have to ask a few regular bros to exit if the school's leading rusher wants to enter your establishment.

NEVERTHELESS -- lost in all the back and forth and side choosing in the mess this weekend has been what Boobie tweeted out in his post-entry denial -- that he was considering opening a bar in Starkville:

Now, I feel that it should be clearly stated up front that I do not take everything professional athletes or famous persons say or tweet to be gospel. Boobie also certainly was in a state of unrest, and may have tweeted his intentions to open his own watering hole in Starkville simply out of anger with Cowbells. But that won't stop me from getting excited about the potential of this happening. Dixon, even since he moved on from his time at MSU, has been a staple in Starkville -- often returning for big weekends to visit with the people who cheered him on while he donned maroon and white. So that gives me hope that he may honestly have some interest in opening his own bar in town.

Will this happen? No one knows for sure. I doubt even Boobie knows at this point. But would Starkville benefit from a former player reinvesting in the town? Absolutely. Especially when it's someone like Boobie -- who will forever be loved in Starkville.

Also, here are some potential names for his bar that I'd like to just throw out there:

  • Boobie's Bar & Grill
  • Boobie's Place
  • AppleBoobie's
  • Dixon's House of Fun Where Everyone Gets In and No One Is Turned Away
  • 24
  • Grindin' for my Spirits
  • Club Boobie
  • Rebel Leapers